I learned a lot this week about copyright, what it took to get the laws we have today, and how those laws effect the creation of entertainment and technology. Personally my opinion on remixing has not changed, I believe in the mantra of copy, transform, and combine. I myself have done remixes in the past and I feel it is crucial to creativity to allow this. I learned a lot about how today was shaped by the 1980’s. I learned that the technology we have today would not exist if it wasn’t for innovators who built on the fundamentals of sharing ideas, and expanding off others. It’s healthy and constructive, But we must not fall into the trap of “It’s ok when I copy, but not when others copy me.” In the past i previously tried making music and have used this philosophy of creativity where everything is available to be shared, remixed, recreated. This is the philosophy I feel we should have.

Here is a remix I did when I thought dubstep was cool
Here is the original