What did you learn?

I did not have the entire week to really make alot of reflection on the theme of the 1980’s, that being said I don’t know if i could as for a better theme. As a 23 year old who was born about a decade too late to experience the 1980’s, I have come to appreciate everything the 1980’s has given me. Although I don’t have a purpose outside of complete nostalgia, I currently own an over the should video camera, a Sony Walkman, an original Nintendo Entertainment System, a Original Gameboy and a VCR. Their was a specific aesthetic that 1980’s technology had that I appreciate thoroughly, I think it just shows a lack of heart in today’s technology. Additionally technology from the 1980’s was built to last, unlike the two year turn over rate of the technology made today.

What was harder than you thought it would be?

Writing a story about a time I did not live through proved to be harder than I thought it would be. But ultimately proved to be a very fun and informative task. I choose the route of telling someone else’s story, and I hope in doing so I am able to show an enlightening and vivid window into the past.

What drove you crazy? Why?

I would say I was most worried that I would not live up to the expectation that was expected of me from the instructor. I did the best I possibly could with the time alotted, it does not help that I enrolled in the class later than most students but regardless powered thorough and did everything I could.

What did you really enjoy? Why?

I would say overall I enjoyed the prompts, and the theme as a whole. I have an irrational envy of people who had the chance to live and experience the 1980’s first hand the best I am able to get is re-runs and self education of what was going on during the Reagan-era.