Audio ONLY

This week focused on audio, and although with the daily creates of DS106 it was not “Strictly” just audio we messed with it was mostly audio focused, which was a great time.

We listen to podcasts, and radio, we manipulated sounds, and made sounds of our own. I learned a good amount about sound editing, structuring and manipulation. Sound, in terms of composition like music and music theory, do not come natural to me, even though I have personally spent probably over 1000+ hours messing with music, composing, mastering, remixing, I still have a very hard time with it. I feel this stems from the fact that I cannot “doodle” with music the way I can doodle with a pen or pencil. There are millions of pens and things to write on in an everyday setting but often I without the tools I need to create something audio/music related on the fly. Maybe in the future this will change. Overall the week was an interesting and engaging week experimenting with sound and I look forward to the weeks that follow.

Examples of Experimenting:




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