The Storm that Brought the Sea

I once had a dream where I was in the middle of a deserted nowhere complete with cacti, like out in the country but instead of dirt roads they were all paved like city streets, as I was walking I saw a storm approaching in the distance, filled with shadows. As I scanned my surroundings I came upon a little green house made of glass and adobe.

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I entered the greenhouse as the storm bellowed over the green house. As the sun became consumed by the storm there were patches of florescent light where the rain was pelting down not far off, accompanied with shimmering shadows. The shadows became figures as they neared, the lights grew tendrils. Darkness enveloped the greenhouse, the dense rain submerged the area. Seconds pass as the shadows swam by the windows the luminous lights in the distance took form of neon box jellyfish. The jellies lit up the perimeter of the greenhouse.


The light emitted from the jellies displayed the swimming shadows as massive tuna, sturgeon, clownfish and sea turtles. More time went on, a class of fish passed, the cacti became brilliant radiant coral. I was stationary, paralyzed in awe.

As the storm pressed on A blue whale floated by and with its departure, beckoned the end of the storm .

As the tail of the storm faded in the crystalline distance the earth behind it flourished with flora and fauna. Birds fluttered in the aftermath from tree to tree. After gathering myself from complete disbelief, I stepped outside, I took a deep breath, then my alarm clock went off and I woke up.