The Radio Bumper

I was tasked with creating a bumper/ad for the DS106 Radio Station.

I begun this task with the 1980’s theme in mind…

so obviously I would use my synthesizer the KORG MICROKORG SYNTHESIZER!

I ended up playing around with it to get a spooky type of “Thriller/Horror” movie vibe and I rolled with it, heavily inspired by STRANGER THINGS I took into consideration the show’s theme’s composition and used that to craft this bumper with a deep bass-y backdrop accented a chirpy arpeggio and sent off with a vocoded sweep stating simply “DS106 RADIO”.

after creating the sound I forgot that SoundCloud requires you to post artwork with it so I created an eighties’/STRANGER THINGS inspired cover. Its real simple but making a wavy grid in the background was fun.

I had a great time creating the sound and here it is for all to enjoy:

Thank you for listening!