programming Basic Information

  1. Hopping, Millman, and Jones speak on the fundamentals of object oriented programming. They also go into more detail as to the breath of “Oop” and its scale-ability.
  1. Kochar, Wijedasa and Lo’s article speaks on what programming languages are most prominently used in 2016.
  • P. S. Kochhar, D. Wijedasa and D. Lo, “A Large Scale Study of Multiple Programming Languages and Code Quality,” 2016 IEEE 23rd International Conference on Software Analysis, Evolution, and Reengineering (SANER), Suita, 2016, pp. 563-573.

code editors or Integrated Development Environments INformation

  1. Battaglia, Carlos, Roxana, Dana, and Vincenzi’s article describes how software engineering has benefited from the construction of “collaborative virtual enviroments”, or simply web connected services that allow teams to work on code.
  1. Richard Ellison of The QA People (a site for software development oppurtunity), for which he is a director, speaks on IDEs and code editors. Ellison defines terms that are important for understanding what types of editors are available and how to typify them.
  1. BBC BiteSize has created an interactive website to inform readers on what IDE stands for and briefly talks on programming languages and the software programmers use while coding.

javaScript Relevant dated articles (circa. 1999-2004)

  1. Mark Gibbs’s 1997 article speaks on the applicability of JavaScript for NetScape’s Navigator web browser. Gibbs predicts (and is ultimately correct) about the inevitability of using JavaScript for more sophisticated intranet sites.
  1. Descy’s 2000 article talks on functions and events of JavaScript coding. HTML with caffine provides general knowledge on basic fundamentals of JavaScript.
  1. Corder talks about the implementation of JavaScript and its application in 2004.
  1. Kienle predicts that JavaScript will prove to be more important and integral to coding in the following decade (spoiler, it does)
  1. Tabusca speaks in the Journal of Information Systems & Operations Management to talk on how it is important to have more programmers to tell computers what to do.

Career Outlooks & Future of Javascript coding

  1. Bhagat talks on what JavaScript will become going forward, how it will be implemented and who will use it primarily
  1. Elliott, E. (2017, May 16). Forget the Click Bait. Here’s What the JavaScript Job Market Really Looks Like. Retrieved March 1, 2020, from
  1. Team, D. (2017, February 1). Average JavaScript Developer Salary 2019: Job Market and Programming Trends. Retrieved March 2, 2020, from

Opinion Pieces

CODE editors and IDE websites

  1. P5.Js is a sandbox “software sketchbook” in which a canvas is supplied to edit JavaScript Code.

Resource and Library references

  1. A question & answer site that provides solutions to problems that may arise while coding, great for peer-to-peer debugging, and code validation.
  1. Site with reference material and “TryIt” editor to allow for testing, and editing of code.
  1. A code editing and sharing site, notable for the tools it provides for teams to work on different branches of the same code. Code is pushed to the main branch and if accepted, is “commited” and becomes a part of source code.