Reflections on pictures of the past

When thinking of photography, in the modern age one would probably seek to get the best image quality out of the smallest device possible. One might seek to as many pictures as possible with out regard for storage capacity, or one might seek to take self portraits of themselves with reckless abandon, or use gaudy filters that purposefully deteriorate the quality of the image to make it look a certain way. It may sound like I am complaining or nit picking average user modern photography, however, I do not think that the technology afforded to us Is bad or used unwisely, I actually appreciate the mitigation of factors that cause photography and “moment capturing” to be infrequent or perishable. I find it interesting that in the past we use to cherish pictures so much we would make a hobby out of pasting them into books to show future generations. I feel it unfortunate that with today’s technology most pictures are taken, posted, and forgotten.

The Snapshot

The photographs from average people’s lives in 1980’s for instance was a great example of “The snapshot” . Pictures from the 1980’s have this type of blur/grit to them that filters on today’s camera’s try to imitate in an inorganic way. Most circumstance of photographs from back then where of either situational importance, i.e. weddings, graduations, reunions, or completely candid in which the subject of the pictures were found participating in their everyday lives and routines. I find that there is a certain “non-genuine” feeling with most of today’s pictures that is a complete u-turn from the decades of photographs of the past. In short I feel that photography in the 1980’s was taken to capture fleeting moments, that if the picture was destroyed so would be the minute details of the moment. I feel today’s picture are polar-opposite in a way, for instance if you missed the opportunity to take a picture of a moment, well you could probably just find someone else’s picture, there is certainly enough camera’s out there now.