Reflection on Audio-Only Stories

I had listened to two stories on “This American Life”. I listened to a riveting story of David Copperfield, and how he made a massive permanent statue disappear for the world stage in an instant. Additionally I also listen to a story about a man who gamed a game show.

Both stories for fantastically directed and easy to follow and listen to and the host seemed to know what he was doing, overall though, weirdly enough, I kept playing the audio and minimizing the tab and opening back up the tab thinking I was missing a visual, even though it is strictly audio. More or less the entire thing feels as if it was written for tv, and then someone through away the video. Save for a few character ques when new speakers are introduced the whole plot lays out just how a tv episode might. This is good narrative in my book as the main ideas were discussed in such detail I had no problem imagining what was happening.

David Copperfield Makes the lady liberty take a lunch break:

The Man who Hit no Whammies, and loved scammies: