Radio Show WK. 1

This week we collaborated on the setup of what we were to do in Digme 256 for our “Radio show”. The week began with Shea Clark creating a Microsoft Teams group that we all joined where we began posting ideas about what to do for our segments, I initially thought I could make a song that sounds like its from the 1980s as I have a synthesizer and I look for any and every opportunity to use it. After much debate I decided against it as Prof.G’s Idea of taking an interview from the 1980s and remixing it sounded much more interesting. Much was Discussed between the team and Ultimately we seemed in agreeance on the idea that only three of us were going to make commercials with Ganon and Shea being two of them. We received much input from Prof. Genereux as well, who supplied ideas like remixing interviews. additionally I have created a poster.

I wanted my poster to be original and still have a call back or two to the 80’s aesthetic.

Pictures like the ones above were the aesthetic i was going for, I also wanted to make the poster look dated.

After much work and deliberation I produce my poster:

I wanted to make it seem more authentic so i added a sticker noting where the interview could be found.

After this I created a Radio Advert for the Movie Creepshow which can be found here: