One Liners, and Sour Candy

First for this creative I had been tasked with writing a single word or name with one continuous line. Much like the example below:

so I did just that, but not with one word, with my entire name:

I enjoyed what I had made and decided it was lacking in the style department, despite my prior several attempts at creating it in the first place. So I realized I should bring it back into photoshop and dress it up, give it some spice, so jazz. And that is exactly what I did:

And this would later become my twitter background.

Out of stock

another daily create I was tasked with completing involved posting a picture and caption of my favorite “Discontinued product” of which it took no time at all to realize that the obvious answer was the fantastical ALTOIDS SOURS

Discontinued in 2010 after only being on the market for six years, THESE were my candy of choice providing I could afford it.

Real recently I looked into buying some but eBay was my only option and it was unforgiving:

Alas, my cravings would have to subside.