My Daily Create

I was prompted with doing three daily creates for the week which is normally not a formidably task however I did not know that the Daily creates I would do would mean so much to me personally, and ironically or rather unironically I made since that these daily creates seemed to be directed at me specifically

Above is the daily create I was task with completing, I read the title and continued to read the description and went hard to work, doing the best I could do to complete this daily create. I went above and beyond for this daily create as it really struck me personally. after time and deliberation I decided I wanted to draw cartoon characters that I used to watch all the time, and Nickelodeon’s CatDog fit the bill. This would not be a sketch like normal however, I went into depth with this drawing, starting with a sketch, then Inking and later coloring, ultimately taking way longer than intended, but I came out with a product I was proud of…

FINAL PRODUCT: Cat mad that Dog is spending all his time playing the gameboy

After literal hours of drawing and coloring I posted something I was proud of and went back the the original daily create page and realized that the person who came up with this prompt to draw a close, personal, fictional friend was “Shared by DPWII”, it was me, I was the person that set this all up for myself, what are the odds? This is why the daily create i did seemed to tie into my life so personally, and for good reason.

Anyway, I had a good time with this unlikely coincidence and was reached out to by others about joining other drawing challenges. Perhaps I might, if I can find the time….