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The doctored pyramids

National geographic doctored a picture in 1982 and confused a whole mess of people. The original photo was beautiful as it stood, however the picture in its original form would not work for the cover of national geographic apparently, so they altered it. Unfortunately the did not recognize how important and foreshadowing their misstep would be. Their manipulation of the pyramid photo left many thinking that the pyramids were way closer than they really were, and this misinformation in the 1980’s was a big deal, because, you know… no photoshop, it wasnt common place to do things like that.

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The Betamax wins

Sony’s battle with Universal studio’s over whether the betamax was legal to sell just goes to show that Movie Studios dont know whats good for them as this article goes to on to say that VHS and home video was a cash cow for studios, and they were worried people recording movies, and tv would hurt their profit margin. The Betamax was revolutionary and although I never used or owned one the legacy it left, left a big impact on me