A Reflection

My Thoughts

My thoughts on Remixing are as follows: Remixing is a healthy and natural thing in music, invention, and innovation. The basic point of view of the creators regarding copyright seems to be for financial reasons, I understand how people would want to protect their thoughts however their thoughts may not be completely original. The opposition being creators, and artists who seek to build upon previous works might think copyright laws are annoying or should be banned out right. Copyright laws I feel have good intentions by promoting original thinking however, everything we know and create is influenced. The Film above made me question if copyright laws are healthy and organic for society or if we are holding ourselves back, but at the same time, I have no money or horse in this race so my veiwpoint is subjective. Going forward with the Class I feel it is important to take into consideration when “repurposing” material that we turn the material that was used as influence into our own creation.