Beneficial Resources for students of programming

For those who seek to expand upon their growing knowledge of programming there lies several options. For instance if one seeks to learn more mark-up language like HTML there is several websites dedicated to the fundamentals extending into the intricacies of the language. One such site is run by the essential governing body of the Web, the organization is known as the World Wide Web Consortium. The World Wide Web Consortium’s website offers news and information about the consortium as well as noting that they are “an international community that develops open standards to ensure the long-term growth of the Web.”

Linked with the same moniker but no official affiliation is which offers more instructive resources on anything from HTML, CSS, and programming languages such as Python, and Java Script. The site has built in tools to test code, references to spot check code and a extremely dense list of examples for all coding purposes. W3schools focuses on teaching and is a valuable online resource to use while coding.

Example of w3school homepage

These are just two resources that can be utilized in reference to coding and programming to help coders get an idea or feel for what programming is about, as well as the standards and practices for the vocation.

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