The virus

Branching a little bit from the regular, today I would like to discuss the current pandemic and how It could effect programmers. For most programmers a pandemic such as COVID-19 will not effect most as programming very simply translates to being able to complete at home. If you happen to not be in the mood to possibly work from home while coding during a pandemic you might want to just take a few weeks off and hope it blows over.

There are many tools and resources programmers can use to communicate with teams, share code, and work one-on-one with teammate on the exact same code.

You can share code and branches with GitHub, A website that offers users the ability to post their code, applications, and other information online and open for other users to make a copy, edit and then commit to the main branch for acceptance.

Zoom, Skype, and other video chat websites and applications off the ability to talk face-to-face with members of your team. These applications are crucial when you need to communicate clearly within your team and your team is not working from the office.

Code editors like offer team editors that allow multiple programmers to work on the same source code at the same exact time, even allowing for a text, or chat box to communicate between members who could not otherwise be found on Zoom or Skype. Repl also features a message pinning ability as to communicate even more specifically about certain parts of the code.

While working from home may not be the favored or most efficient way of working, it is overwhelmingly easy in the 21st century with all the applications that work for the users who cannot be face-to-face.

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