Code Editors & IDEs: P5.js

When I first began learning code in my “computing basics” course I used a web application known as the P5.JS web editor to write script. P5.js is described on its homepage as a software sketchbook which is a great descriptor as it offers a small sandbox for code development.

P5.JS is a great introduction to code editors, and integrated development environments, referred to simply as IDEs. Online Web editors like P5.JS offer pros and cons depending on what the end user is looking to achieve. P5.JS does offer the ability to auto save code via the cloud and export code over the internet to a users profile, giving the coder a backup to their script alleviating any worry of data loss due to hardware failure.

A snapshot of what the default canvas setup for P5.JS looks like:

P5.JS has the benefit of being much simpler to use and understand than non-internet based IDEs like Atom (which is an offline code editor). I recommend using a web editor like P5.JS to begin with as it is a friendly environment that offers a pre-constructed canvas to edit, create and learn javascript at a fundamental level. P5.JS is strictly a Javascript library which is more limiting than web editors like, which I will discuss in the next post.

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